Storage Bins

At TopSteel, you will find premium quality products that will meet the requirements of industry standards.
Heavy-weight Storage Bins are the ideal solution for safe transportation and effective storage of products, whether you are transporting new castings or picking up scrap. These vigorous and durable steel containers are suitable storage solutions for fulfilling the demanding industrial needs. The container exchanger has various metal storage containers to ensure the protection of the product. These storage containers provide safe transportation and also keep all the items in a place.
Storage Bins are available in varied dimensions, models, capacity, length, and height according to your demand!
  • Suitable for high-temperature storage, logistics, and export standards
  • Have a long service life
  • Rated for 1000 LBS to 5000 LBS weight capacity
  • Rigid stackable steel containers are made of HD industrial mild steel
  • Size and weight capacity suit various applications, lifting lugs on all four-sided to provide secure hookup points
  • Lifting attachment available as well

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