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Without steel, our world would be much different. From the unique skyscrapers to stairs and steps- everything has it in some way! Almost every building or metal product we see around us is made with steel, and it's no different for the industrial sector either! Steel has the highest tensile strength and durability making it perfect for working with. It's also relatively safer than other alloys because steel isn't combustible or prone to get mold/mildew - this means you can work longer without having your health at stake. And that motivates our team of Steelworkers in Timmins towards their work. To fabricate steel, you need a special type of welding. It's called DPW and it takes experience to use this technique properly because there are lots of things that can go wrong if done incorrectly.

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Steel Detailing

The detailer is a crucial member of the project team. They have to know how each part fits together and work with other members of your development team accordingly for it all to go smoothly!

To fabricate or install a steel framework for construction projects, a company must have an experienced workforce that is knowledgeable in the process. The detailers are responsible not only for generating necessary drawings but also for ensuring that all parts come together seamlessly.

Steel Profile Cutting

We use a variety of machinery to perform various metalworking operations, including cutting and gouging. The hand-held systems are capable of handling up to a 1-inch thick piece of steel without any problem.

For thicker pieces of steel, we use our automatic or semi-automatic sawing system which is able to cut up to 3 inches thick in no time! The most commonly used ones for metalworking include band and circular saws, lasers and plasma cutters, water jet technol

What are the different types of Steel Suppliers?

Steel Processing Centers

These companies are suppliers of formed steel products in usable form factors and dimensions that the fabricator may further process into completed items such as appliance housing or roofing.

Conventional form factors are a set of shapes and materials used to store energy for supplying steel in different parts. Beams, bars, sheets, coils, plates, pipes & wire can be transformed into an electric current in order for it to operate properly according to some process or another.

Global Steel Manufacturers

These multinational corporations have global steel manufacturers and suppliers presence with blast furnaces and converters that handle raw materials such as iron ore & carbon.

The output of this plant is ingots billets, blooming slabs of liquid steel for castings. They may also create standard products such as steel shapes for sale, which they then process and machine into completed things.

Discount Steel Suppliers

These companies provide the whole range of steel products meeting your every need, whatever the purpose of use may be. The list includes flat sheets, bars, beams, tubes, and pipes in different shapes and profiles. Cut to size steel services are available for custom orders too. As the market is very competitive and prices vary, you may find better deals and faster service elsewhere.

Why Choosing A Trustworthy Steel Supplier Is Important?

The process of making steel starts with raw materials and ends in a product. The quality depends on how it’s processed, which determines the end result: whether high-end or low costing material. A reliable supplier can often turn out to be an excellent fabricator when they produce only top-notch products from the start. Once completed, a company can supply metal to customers who need it. The best steel fabricators will provide you with the high-quality material and excellent craftsmanship that your company deserves.

Manufacturers, like those who produce premium furniture or furnishings for hotels, can ensure their products have all of these desirable qualities when they work closely together as one cohesive unit.


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    The Fabrication Process



    Once the metal is all set and smooth, it can be chopped using a plasma cutter for fine precision. Some fabricators choose flame cutting or circular saws in order to get better cuts; this process takes more time than ordinary drills but offers greater accuracy with less noise output as well.

    The metal is bent in a press brake machine and the beam is shaped to make it ready for installation. A skilled fabricator can also create custom profiles, such as the wavy roofs we see on many high-end buildings, thanks to specialized equipment like forming rolls or cylindrical roll forming machines that bend and shape in seconds.



    Flat sheets are all set for shearing and edging. To cut even strips, an automated shear is used to slice the sheet down the middle at high speed so there are little wasted material and fewer chances of injury.

    The finished bent steel beams are all set for installation and welding. For this, the fabricator uses high heat to smelt ends of the beam making clean joints that will hold up well in your building’s structure.

    The fabrication process starts off with manufacturing raw material into pieces customized according to specific needs by our expert team.

    Why Choose Topsteel For Steel Suppliers in Timmins?

    Topsteel is a respected name in the Canadian steel industry, providing services to both on-site and off-site clients. Whether it’s production or purchasing we have your needs covered. Our company has a full-scale business model where we create our own products or supply them to other companies who transform them into finished products. We can also cater to your company’s needs for stainless steel bars or alloy steel bars whenever you require them. Topsteel is one of the leading suppliers of alloy steel for all applications of flats, angles, channels, and beams. You can feel free to contact us for more information and related services.


    The benefits of buying flat steel from Topsteel include:

    1. Quality guaranteed- All products are quality controlled for excellent results.
    2. Excellent customer service- We provide excellent customer service where we’re always available to answer any questions you may have and assist you with your order.
    3. Reasonable prices- We offer reasonable prices on flat steel products so you get the most for your money.

    Flat bars are the most used type of steel because they’re versatile and can be used to create many different products. Flat bars are widely used in the construction industry for making frames, roofs, and other building components. They can also be used to build cabinets or furniture where they are then cut into smaller pieces that are assembled together to create the final product.

    No, these items do not rust considering they are made using the best quality carbon steel. They also come galvanized and coated with a special anti-rust compound that prevents rusting and makes them last longer.

    Yes, you can use flat steel domestic appliances. Because of their versatility and durability techniques are used for making stoves, dishwashers, refrigerators etc.