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Steel has been an integral part of the industrial sector for many decades. Almost everything building or metal product we see around us has steel.
The high tensile strength and durability of steel make it the best to work with. Moreover, it is relatively safer than other metallic alloys as it is non-combustible and is not prone to get mold or mildew.
The Canadian Steel Producers Association (CSPA) is a national trade association that represents the country's principal steel producers. The steel industry is one of Canada's most important sectors, with more than $11 billion annual sales, including $3 billion in exports, and around 35, 000 direct employees.

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Types Of Steel Suppliers

Steel suppliers can be distinguished by the end goods they create as well as the techniques they use. There are two types of these:

Steel Processing Centers

These companies represent domestic steel suppliers who provide formed steel products in usable form factors and dimensions that the fabricator may further process into completed steel items like appliance housings or steel roofing utilizing manufacturing techniques like roll-forming. Beams, bars, sheets, coils, plates, pipes, and wire are all examples of conventional form factors.

Global Steel Manufacturers

These multinational corporations use blast furnaces and converters to handle raw materials such as iron ore and carbon, and their output includes ingots, billets, blooms, and slabs, as well as liquid steel for castings.

While some are publicly traded, many are state-owned in China and India. They may also create standard products such as steel shapes for sale, which they then process and machine into completed things.


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    Why Picking A Trustworthy Steel Supplier Is Necessary?

    A reliable steel supplier can often be a reliable steel fabricator. This implies that the company produces high-end steel from its raw form. This entire process determines the quality of the steel.
    Therefore, companies that are high-end steel fabricators or deal with third parties that provide premium quality steel fabrication can provide you with the best steel quality with excellent strength, versatility, and durability.
    There are several stages of steel fabrication as follows:

    Shot blasting

    In the shot blasting technique, a series of short chunks of metals are blasted in the furnace to attain a smooth surface. This process also lays the base for other processes of steel fabrication.


    Once the metal is all set and smooth, it is chopped using a plasma cutter for fine precision. Some fabricators can also use flame cutting or circular saws for better cuts.


    After cutting the steel to a certain length, the metal is bent to desirable shapes to fit the purpose. The rolling technique is the best for bending as it prevents any breakage.
    A fabricator uses press brakes to make precise bends for steel up to a length of 12 meters. Simultaneously, they use bending rolls to attain the absolute curve at a right angle.


    The bent steel beams are all set for installation and welding. For this, the fabricator uses high heat to smelt the ends of the beam and make clean joints.

    Steel supplier in North bay ensures that the clients are delighted with the work. For this, most of the welders perform fixtures on-site.


    After welding, a final coating is applied over the final structure to ensure the durability of the steel.

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    How To Know If You Have To Find The Best Steel Supplier?

    If you are new to this industry, it might be challenging to differentiate the low-end steel from the high-end one. One of the right ways to know that you have found the best steel supplier is their customer satisfaction and a number of loyal clients.
    However, that isn’t the appropriate way to determine the best fit. That’s why you must check for these qualities:

    Customer service

    The high-end steel suppliers believe in delivering the best quality of steel and focus on clarifying their customers’ queries. Companies that are well off with every minute detail from scratch to the final stage can resolve your inquiry in no time.

    However, if the response isn’t up to the mark, one can infer about the services of that company.

    The logistic data

    A reliable steel supplier in North Bay makes sure that the maintenance of the final product delivered at your door is stored in good conditions and has been fabricated to premium quality. You can cross-check these facts easily on the internet, where people share their opinion about the company.


    The last and most important way to identify the best steel supplier in North Bay is to look out for the certifications and statistics provided by the company. The best supplier will be authorized by some national-level authority that defines the steel standard.

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    Why Choose Topsteel for Steel Supplying in North Bay?

    • Topsteel is one of the leading steel suppliers in North Bay and other Canada’s major cities. We specialize in various steel-related services and help our clients to achieve optimum results both off and on-site.

    • Our team of experts follows major Health and Safety programs to avoid any casualties during welding and fabrication or steel delivery. Due to this, we are certified by the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB).

    • We firmly believe that a premium quality service does not compromise quality and is available at affordable rates. That’s why, after determining the material, procedure, etc., our team specifies the rate according to market standards.

    • If you are looking for a reliable steel supplying firm, contact us via the details shared below. For more details and services, don’t forget to check our website.

    You can check our website to get a quote. Contact us now for all of your steel fabrication-related needs.


    Yes, Canada produces steel. In 2019, it was the eighth largest exporter of steel. Today, there are approximately 13 steel provinces across the country.
    Ontario is one of the highest metals-producing provinces, followed by Quebec in Canada. These provinces are also the major exporter of steel in Canada.
    The steel price has spiked to about 50.9% higher than the previous one in Canada. It is being said that it is due to the increase in steel and iron demand in China.
    The price of metallic alloys like steel depends highly on demand and supply. With increased mining over the past few decades, one can notice a sudden drop in supply because the price of steel has increased.