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The demand for steel fabrication has increased over the past few years. That's because the industry using it, such as mining, automotive, and shipping, has shown positive growth. After the economic rebound, the steel fabrication industry continued to flourish.

Different industries use steel because it is an eco-friendly option; it’s versatile and has extremely high tensile strength.

With the demand for steel fabrication, the number of companies offering this service is also increasing. Thus, it has become important to find a reliable provider to get steel fabrication work done.

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What is Steel Fabrication?

Before moving further, let’s discuss what steel fabrication is?
It is a process that requires bending, cutting, and modeling of raw materials into a structure. Then, the raw materials are assembled in different sectors like construction, industrial, energy, shipbuilding, and mining.
Professionals with years of experience do the fabrication work. They take pieces of steel, assemble them, and make different structures out of them. Generally, the structures are predefined shapes that a particular industry requires for any task.
While the steel fabrication work is complex, one can complete the work successfully with the correct skills, resources, and knowledge. It’s also important to ensure minimal to no wastage of raw material during the process.


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    Stages of Steel Fabrication

    Steel fabrication is done by following a specific procedure. This task involves multiple stages. With each stage, the technicians try to give a proper shape to the steel to be transformed into a quality product. Here’s a brief overview of those stages.


    The first step to making steel fabrication is identification and drawing. At this creative stage, the fabricator can make any structural steel products that you want. Therefore, identification can also be termed. However, the client’s desire is because the client works with a fabricator to create something useful.
    After deciding on a design, its drawing is created using the software. It’s a fabricator’s responsibility to ensure that the design complies with code, requirements, and specifications.


    After designing comes the second part, which includes cutting and bending of the raw metal. The high-grade steel raw material must be cut using a good-quality cutter. If the cutting gets uneven, it can affect the entire design.
    While cutting the raw metal, it’s important to take safety measures. Once the metal is cut, it needs to be bent. Professionals use a certain kind of machine for this. Some fabricators also bent the raw metal simply by hammering.
    Bending is further divided into five steps, i.e., incremental bending, rotary-draw bending, induction bending, rolling, and hot bending. This way, the steel fabrication work gets quicker and better.


    The third step of steel fabrication is welding. It is done to combine different pieces of raw metal and make them into one. Finally, all the steel structures are assembled, and the welding process begins.
    During welding, professionals need to follow the blueprints and sets of codes. This way, the structural welding process goes as planned.


    This step is where the welded raw metals get assembled and engraved. Again, it’s important to engrave numbers on the structures so that they can be installed quickly.
    Also, component assembly is important as it prepares the parts for installation on site. Once the parts are assembled, the fabricator checks them twice before sending them out.


    The last step to steel fabrication is shipping, where the professional correctly packs each part of the structure.


    For any of your projects, you need a team of experts that can meet the deadlines while offering the best quality products. So, you must get the work done by professionals who guarantee to satisfy you with the results.

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    Raw Materials Used for Steel Fabrication

    Quite a few types of materials are used for steel fabrication like plate, Flat Bar, HSS Tube, While the list is long, the materials mentioned here can steep up the fabrication process. So, you can rely on them and have their full supply to get the job done.

    Plate Metal

    This material is generally used for shaping the pieces. In addition, plate metal helps to have a better range of structures.

    Sectional Metal

    L and Z shapes are the common type of sectional metal that is widely used by fabricators.

    Welding Wire

    While welding different metal pieces, it’s important to keep track of their thickness. It can be done with the help of a welding wire.


    Castings in steel fabrication are important because they give visual interest to fabrication. You can use it to speed up the creation process.

    Flat Metal

    The flat metal sheets are mostly used for creating visual texture and interest. You can use it for making different shapes.

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    Benefits of Steel Fabrication

    Steel fabrication is important because it’s an essential part of different industries. It helps them keep running their operations. But there are a few more benefits of steel fabrication that you must know. Here are a few of them.

    It Saves Time and Money​

    Fabricated steel is easier to install in any industry. This thing saves time and speeds up the task. Also, steel is lighter, which does not require so many resources for installation.

    Fabrication Increases the Durability of Steel

    The process of fabrication enhances the steel’s durability and makes it long-lasting. This way, steel becomes an ideal choice for different applications.

    During the steel fabrication process, the metal further gets a coat of fire-resistant components. This way, steel becomes fire resistant and does not form rust.

    It Saves Environment

    Steel fabrication saves the environment because this metal is eco-friendly. Steel can be recycled. So, when it is used for different purposes, it becomes possible to reduce pollution as old tools made of steel can be easily recycled.

    Why Choose Top Steel for Steel Fabrication?

    • If you are related to construction, mining, or any other industry that requires steel fabrication, you should contact Topsteel Corporation. Our company has been in the business of steel fabrication for a long time.
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    • Our services include profile cutting, steel detailing, fabrication, welding, design & engineering, and sandblasting. The experienced employees are continually trained on safety. They use the best technology to get the job done.

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