Steel Fabrication

Steel Fabrication in North Bay

Steel is an iron alloy and is a valuable metal because of its lightweight, easy availability, and unique properties. In addition, the steel industry has seen a positive rise after the economic rebound, further making it popular.

To use steel for manufacturing different items, fabrication is done. This process helps turn the raw material into a better version so that it can be easily used.

Steel fabrication is an essential step that professionals should only do. So, if you want this service for manufacturing anything, we’re the trusted company you want.

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What Does Steel Fabrication Means?

Steel fabrication is a way of enhancing the quality of raw metal, like steel. The fabricators involved in the work must complete it correctly by ensuring minimum to no error.
Professionals use different techniques like cutting, bending, machining, welding, drilling, and coating to get the fabrication work done correctly. This way, they turn the raw metal into different predefined shapes, which can further be used.


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    Industries Where Steel Fabrication is Provided

    Steel is a composition of iron and alloy, making it tougher than almost all alloys. While the metal is a little difficult to work with, North Bay steel fabricators add value.
    Different sectors use steel fabrication, but its consumption is mainly done by construction, mining, and the energy industry.

    Construction Industry

    Steel is used for creating some of the strongest building materials. That’s because this metal is durable and can be recycled, which decreases wastage. Also, its affordable price has made it more common in multiple warehouses.
    Steel fabrication can also withstand extreme weather. Keeping this characteristic in mind, builders have constructed some tallest construction buildings from it.

    Mining Industry

    Besides the construction industry, this metal is also popular in the mining industry. That’s because the tools used in this sector are made out of it. The tools and equipment used include trucks, loading machines, shoves, and more.

    Energy Sector

    Lastly, it’s the energy sector that heavily relies on steel fabrication. Mostly, it’s the gas, wind, solar power, and nuclear energy that utilizes this metal in the energy sector. 

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    Why is Steel Fabrication Important?

    As you have seen, steel fabrication is used in different industries. But what makes it so important? Below are some reasons that show why it is essential.

    It Helps In Saving Money And Time

    As compared, predefined steel fabrication shapes are easy to install on the site. Therefore, it helps in completing the construction task quickly.
    Moving further, prompt installation of steel helps project managers save more money. And lastly, the cost of items made using fabricated steel is also less, but it’s durable.

    Enhances The Durability

    Lastly, steel fabrication enhances the durability of the metal. It is possible because steel has a coat of zinc, which protects it from corrosion. On top of that, fabricators make it fire-resistant by making it go through different processes.
    In the end, this thing helps the steel to withstand extreme weather. That’s why tools, equipment, and buildings constructed using steel last longer and stay in better shape for a long time.

    Saving Environment

    Steel is one of the few eco-friendly metals that can create a wide range of products. That’s because it can be easily recycled. The best thing here is that it does not lose its properties during the process.

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    Basic Raw Material Used in Steel Fabrication

    Quite a few raw materials are used for steel fabrication work. These materials help in giving the metal desired shape so that it can further be used on the sites. And knowing the right raw material that is required for fabrication can speed up the process.
    Below are some of the basic ones.


    It’s used for creating and completing metal pieces.

    Sectional Metal

    This raw material is essential because it makes fabrication visually appealing. It can also speed up the creation process.

    Sectional Metal

    Commonly used sectional metals are L and Z shapes. Besides this, rod metal and bar metal can also be used.

    Formed And Expanded Metal

    This one helps in creating structures for outdoor furniture applications. These have a grate-like structure that helps the metal to absorb moisture.

    Welding Wire

    Next is the welding wire that is used for joining metal pieces together. Fabricators must use a variety of welding wires to complete the work.

    Flat Metal

    Another metal that can be used to offer visual interest to steel is flat metal. Besides creating an attractive look texture, it can also be used for making ideal shapes.

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    It’s a process of transforming the steel structures by making them go through different processes, like cutting, bending, welding, and more.
    A professional steel fabricator is responsible for studying blueprints and creating drawings to determine the job requirement. He then completes the work by making the raw metal go through the fabrication steps.
    The simple difference between them is that fabrication refers to the overall process of manufacturing metal. In comparison, welding is a part of fabrication, which is used for joining different metals.
    The job of welding fabricators is to join multiple pieces of steel to form the desired shape.